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  • Battery Related Products
  • Cable
  • Coms,Cameras and Connectors
  • Fuse, Gages and Alarms
  • Globes
  • Lighting
  • Switches
  • Tools and Equipment us/Building-alanco.pngIntroducing Alanco Australia

Alanco Australia is one of the largest distributors of automotive electrical products within Australia. With a commitment to finding solutions for the challenges faced by our clients, Alanco offers customers a level of service that exceeds expectations and ensures we stand out in the automotive industry.


We give you access to WA’s largest range of Auto Electric brands. It’s one of the benefits of being an independent company. You will benefit from more choices that offer better solutions.

With Alanco you’ll find exclusive products we’ve developed in-house, like Click Connectors: a smarter way that replaces manual wiring, saving time and money.

It’s all about matching up quality and price for the job at hand. If you happen to need that tricky little part that nobody seems to know where to find it, well we’re the truffle pigs of Auto Electrics and if anybody can find it, we can.

We can do this by boasting the most comprehensive range of products (including lighting, terminals, switches, navigational products and accessories). We are the distribution choice for internationally respected brands such as; Bosch, Hella, Narva, Britax and GME, to name a few.



Because we only deal with the trade, we invest in better people to provide a more specialist service. On our team you’ll find trade qualified sales reps, technical sales people and people with in-field experience from some of the world’s largest mine sites.

It’s about not parroting out the sales jargon, but giving you the answers you need to get the result.



With over 13,000 products in our range and over 6,500 item in stock we’re always ready to go, and we try to make ordering as easy as possible with:

  • The only Auto Electrical Trade Showroom in the state so you can see it before we ship it
  • Automatic ‘alternative product’ suggestions providing choice when web ordering
  • Our ‘Smart Pack’ kits that solve the problem of component ordering on recurring jobs

These are just a few ways we remove complexity, and save you time and money by helping you find the right product, quicker.



Waiting. We’ve all done it. And all hate it. Wondering “IF or WHEN” something will turn up is something we NEVER want an Alanco customer to experience.
That’s why we have streamlined our delivery system so that you receive what you need when you need it. Simple as that.

Being WA born and bred, we believe in standing behind our word. Your customers rely on you, and you rely on us. It’s about understanding that reputation is everything


Alanco Australia services a wide and diverse customer range including;

  •    mining companies,Inside Warehouse

  •     independent contractors,

  •     automotive repairers

  •     vehicle franchises,

  •     government departments,

  •     agricultural based companies,

  •     national and regional resellers and retailers,

  •     fleet operators and

  •     marine wholesalers.

Alanco has developed systems and solutions that allow the company to work together as a team to effectively service the entire automotive industry. The company is committed to finding solutions to ensure our clients are provided with updates on products, new to market product releases and a specialised range of exclusive products that have been created and developed in house as a result of listening to what our customers needs, and finding a way to make it happen.


Our Mission is to Make Auto Electrics Easy for you!

We intend to do this by offering the right advice, the best possible range of products, a variety of options when it comes to placing your order, and ensuring we deliver your product to you as quickly as possible.

Bottom line… our goal is to make auto electrics easy for you and your business. us/DSCF9473.JPG us/DSCF9504.JPG

25 year logo

In 2012 Alanco celebrated its 25 year anniversary. Over the years Alanco has matured into a company that responds and respects the changing needs of our clients and the changes in our industry.

Our focus on customer service and strategic affiliations are instrumental in our growth and our continued success.

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