Freight Policy

  1. Alanco Pty Ltd (Alanco) employs systems to ensure products will be ready to leave on the shipping date communicated in sales order confirmations, by the customer’s preferred freight company. From time to time, freight companies do miss deadlines, and while every effort is made by Alanco to ensure correct and timely despatch, some freight may miss those deadlines.
  2. Alanco has invested widely in the employment of systems to reduce the incidence of damage in transit. These include correct storage and handling of Alanco products at Alanco, correct loading of goods onto outgoing transport, and large expenditure in the area of packaging. Alanco believes that this is a significant and worthwhile investment, and is of genuine benefit to Alanco and its customers.

Lost or damaged goods

Where the freight company delivering the goods has been engaged by the customer, the customer must:

  • inspect the goods upon arrival and sign the consignment note as “damaged” or “subject to check” as the case may be; and
  • contact the freight company directly regarding the loss or damage.

Where the freight company has been engaged by Alanco on the customer’s behalf, the customer must:

  • contact Alanco with details of the goods i.e. work order number, consignment note number, date of receipt of goods, the carrier, nature of damage or loss.
  • inspect the goods upon arrival and sign the consignment note as “damaged” or “subject to check” as the case may be; and

Alanco will pursue the claim with the carrier on the customer’s behalf. The claim is subject to the terms and conditions of the carrier and/or insurer. Freight insurance policies have strict guidelines concerning

Time within which the claim must be lodged;

The amount the goods are insured to;

Verification of damage or loss by either direct inspection, digital photos, or the availability of other evidence;

Acceptance of liability;

Payment of accepted liability;

Claims must satisfy all terms and conditions to result in a successful outcome and payment.

Alanco employs several transport companies to dispatch product throughout Australia on behalf of customers. Arrangements negotiated by Alanco include beneficial freight rates. In some instances insurance is included in the freight charged to the customer. Freight and insurance (if applicable) are subject to the terms and conditions of the transport company and the Insurer.

Please contact Alanco for further details.

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